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Jeremy Clarkson narrowly escaped losing his leg in an accident on his farm

by LLB Reporter
26th Nov 21 12:46 pm

Jeremy Clarkson, 61 who is a TV present of the Clarkson’s Farm revealed how he almost lost his leg on his farm in an accident.

He told the Jonathan Ross Show which will be aired this Saturday that he “didn’t walk properly for a week” and that farming has more accidents “than all the other industries put together.”

Clarkson told Ross, “I got this thing called a telehandler, it’s like a JCB thing. I thought ‘I’ll just use its front to push the post in.’

“It got halfway into the ground and the fence was leaning on it and it flicked back. How it didn’t take my leg off… I didn’t walk properly for a week.

“This was a quarter of a tonne of fence post.”

In 2008 Clarkson bought his farm and tends to his crops and looks after livestock at his farm in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds.

In 2019 he decided to make a go of being a farmer, he explained how his series came about, Clarkson said, “It was an accident. I was contractually obliged, I had to make a programme on my own.

“I thought ‘I’m slightly bored of Terminal 5. I’ll film at home on the farm’. I thought what a lovely programme it would be to try and learn to be a farmer. I genuinely love it out there.”

He told Ross about the show’s standout star, Kaleb Cooper, The Grand Tour presenter said, “He’s entrepreneurial, that’s how I’d describe him.

“The [farm] shop is a huge success and consequently we’ve had to mow a field near it so people can park there and it’s really a mud bath.

“Kaleb now goes up and charges people £15 to tow their cars out.”

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