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Ipsos: Two-thirds of Britons support implementing economic sanctions on Russia, even if it increases their energy prices

by LLB staff reporter
10th Apr 22 12:14 pm

As Boris Johnson announces further sanctions on Russia, new polling by Ipsos shows 74% of Britons support the UK government implementing economic sanctions against Russia – a similar number to the 78% that said the same in March.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of Britons support implementing sanctions even if this leads to increased energy prices in the UK (although this is down 7 points from March figures).

Around 6 in 10 (62%, -3 pts from March) are in favour of helping Ukraine through humanitarian intervention, such as supporting refugees, while only a quarter would support military intervention (24%). Thirteen per cent say Britain should not intervene at all. Numbers for most of these measures are similar to last month.

Currently, levels of concern are highest for Ukrainian civilians. Nine in 10 (90%) are worried about the impact the Russian invasion will have on them while 8% are not. Around 8 in 10 (83%) are concerned about the impact the war will have on the UK economy while three-quarters (74%) worry about UK national security and safety. Almost 6 in 10 Britons worry about the impact the invasion will have on them personally (57%).

President Zelenskyy continues to be admired by the British public. Eight in 10 (78%) say he is doing a good job handling the Russian invasion into his country, no change since the question was asked in March.

Other leaders do not fair so well. Opinion is split as to how well Boris Johnson is handling the situation, although his numbers are improving, 37% say he is doing a good job (+5 since March) while 30% say bad (- 8 points) and 27% say neither. Similarly, 32% say President Joe Biden is handling the situation well while 24% say he is not and 33% say neither.

Around 4 in 10 say both the UK Government (39%, +3 pts since March) and the EU (40%, +5 since March) are doing a good job of handling the situation. A quarter believe the UK Government are doing a bad job (24%, down 9 points) while 1 in 5 (19%) say the same for the EU (down 5 points).

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to be of interest to the British public, 84% are following stories on the topic closely while only 14% are not.

Keiran Pedley, Director of Research, at Ipsos said, “As war in Ukraine continues, a clear majority of the British public continue to support economic sanctions and humanitarian efforts such as supporting Ukrainian refugees.

“However, support for military intervention remains low and there are some signs that support for sanctions in the event energy prices were to rise is softening amidst concerns about the cost of living at home.”

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