Home Business News In a chilling message Vladimir Putin threatens Ukraine with the ‘final solution’ to end the war

In a chilling message Vladimir Putin threatens Ukraine with the ‘final solution’ to end the war

27th Feb 22 1:04 pm

Putin threatens Ukraine in a chilling message with a ‘final solution’ and he will be remembered as ‘Adolf Hitler of the current century’

The Russian President Vladimir Putin will put an end to the war with Ukraine with a “final solution” strategy in a desperate attempt to secure some kind of victory.

According to the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the “final solution” was Adolf Hitler’s plan for genocide of millions of Jews during World War II.

On Sunday Yatsenyuk claimed state-sponsored news agency Ria Novosti said that Putin had used a very similar dialogue to what the Nazi dictator Hitler used for his plan with Ukraine.

Yatsenyuk told LBC host Ian Dale, “Putin is bombing and shelling civilians in the capital of Ukraine.

“In the morning, they have this state-owned Russian agency which is RIA Novosti – this is the state-sponsored agency.

“You know today what kind of claim they published? They said that President Putin made the historic decision to end the Ukrainian case, or to make a kind of final solution with the Ukrainian case.”

He continued, “This resembles something with Hitler, you remember the final solution?

“Could you imagine the state-sponsored agency clearly said Putin decided to make a final solution with Ukrainians?

“Before this attack, I was very clear saying, ‘look, Putin has the chance…how is he to be remembered in global history? If he changes his path, he won’t be remembered as Adolf Hitler.’

“What we know for sure today is that Vladimir Putin will be remembered in global history as the Adolf Hitler of the current century.”

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky grandfather’s parents were Jewish Ukrainian.

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