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If you get revved up shouting at other drivers, you’re not alone

by LLB Reporter
12th Sep 23 6:42 am

A new survey has discovered some of the UK’s quirkiest driving habits from stopping the refuelling pump at a round number, to not parking next to a specific car make or model or talking to yourself in the car.

The survey of over 440 UK drivers, by InsuretheGap.com, a provider of Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance, reveals the top 10 quirky driving habits:

  1. 52% avoid parking next to another vehicle in a car park;
  2. 46% stop the fuel pump on a round number;
  3. 40% search out the cause of an interior noises or rattle straight-away;
  4. 37% ensure windscreen wipers are in the resting position before turning the engine off;
  5. 36% straighten the steering wheel and car wheels when parking;
  6. 31% have a minimum level of fuel they will not go below;
  7. 24% yell at other drivers safe in the knowledge they can’t be heard;
  8. 22% move to the inside lane at a specific point before exiting the motorway (for example, when seeing the first exit sign);
  9. 20% talk to themselves in the car;
  10. 19% avoid cats’ eyes when changing motorway lanes.

Perhaps reassuringly just over one in ten motorists breathe in when going through a tight space (11%), duck when driving under a height restriction barrier (11%) and shout wheeeee when going over a humpback bridge (11%) – and, thankfully, only 2% shut their eyes when driving through a tight gap.

Ross Callander, at InsuretheGap.com, said: “While not an exhaust-ive list, motorists might be able to recognise their own interesting habits.

“Whatever your driving quirks, one thing to consider is getting GAP insurance from an independent provider. If your car is stolen or written off, the insurance company will often only pay the value of the car at the time of the incident, which can be significantly less than the amount you paid for it.

“GAP insurance can bridge the GAP between these amounts and doesn’t have to be bought from the dealership.”

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