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Hundreds of Russian soldiers refuse to fight in northern Ukraine and ‘abandoned the area of the operation’

by LLB staff reporter
23rd Mar 22 11:42 am

Russian soldiers have literally walked out of a combat zone in northern Ukraine taking a huge amount of weaponary with them,

The Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (ZSU) of the General Staff slammed their soldiers as they disobeyed direct orders and walked out with “using 70 pieces of equipment.”

Pravda who are formerly the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, reported that around 300 troops objected to their commander’s orders and walked away from the combat zone in the Okhtirsky district in Sumy.

“In the Okhtirsky district of the Sumy region, the facts of disobedience to the Russian military servicemen were recorded,” said the ZSU.

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“Close to 300 occupiers were ordered to carry out combat operations, and that, using 70 pieces of equipment, abandoned the area of the operation.”

At the start of March Journalist, Paul Mason, posted a video on Twitter where he outlined how Putin failed to capture Ukraine and has led to “mass desertion” of Russian troops.

He said: “The third big thing is mass desertions.

“We are seeing evidence now, not simply individual desertions or giving up fighting by Russian soldiers, there is at least one example of an entire unit leaving its vehicles and marching off.

“In one case into captivity and another, it appears, back to Russia on foot.”

Mason added, it is now a “race against time” and whether the sanctions imposed by the West will “cripple” the Russian state so quickly that Putin retreats.

Reuters reported a US official who corroborates the claims said, “some Russian units appear to be surrendering without a fight.”

A US official also confirmed that some Russian military units have fled with many surrendering without a fight as they are exhausted and are running out of food.

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