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Captured Russian pilot has said a no-fly zone over Ukraine ‘will help to put an end to this conflict soon’

by LLB political Reporter
21st Mar 22 3:01 pm

A captured Russian pilot, deputy commander of Russia’s 47th aviation regiment has said that if a no-fly zone was enforced over Ukraine this “will help to put an end to this conflict soon.”

Deputy commander Maxim Krishtop said, “Closure of the sky over Ukraine will help to put an end to this conflict [the war] soon,” he added that he would like to see the Russian and Ukrainian leaders at the negotiating table.

The Russian pilot told a press conference hosted by the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency, “This could be stopped at any moment, the forces could be withdrawn and long difficult negotiations could be started, anyway it’s better than killing each other.

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“I am also addressing the Russian military and fellow soldiers – stop executing criminal orders now, stop conducting combat operations and bombing peaceful cities. I think we have lost this war.”

A captured Major of Russia’s 43rd naval assault aviation regiment, Alexei Golovenskiy, said he is calling for the Russian military “to wise up and stop now.”

“A global clearing of cities, where the civilians continue to live, is underway in Ukraine… We have no reason to fight against the Ukrainian people… I am addressing the Russian military. I am calling on you to wise up and stop now. Dozens of planes, helicopters have been downed, hundreds of thousands of families have been broken down in both Ukraine and Russia. I am asking, I am demanding the commanders to stop, withdraw the forces and stop any kinds of military operations on the ground and in the air,” he said.

The Major was asked over a hypothetical possibility of Vladimir Putin using nuclear weapons, Golobenskiy said this will not happen as “it is so devastating that there is no sense for Putin himself, although he continues to threaten and recall about the presence of the nuclear button, he realises that there will be no winners.”

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