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How to keep your artificial grass looking great in the fall

by John Saunders
27th Sep 21 1:00 pm

Artificial grass is becoming more popular than ever since it’s the easiest method to have a flawless lawn with virtually no work. It does not require daily watering, weekly mowing, frequent fertiliser, or other strenuous maintenance. However, with the changing seasons, some maintenance is required. There are some fast procedures that can be performed to guarantee that your fake grass lawn remains lovely throughout the season, especially when the leaves turn orange and pile up on your gorgeous grass.

Debris removal

Picking up large bits of garbage on a regular basis is an easy method to keep your artificial grass looking great. Leaves change colour and fall throughout the autumn, producing a mess in your yard. To remove the leaves, collect them with a rake and remove them from your artificial grass. A metal or bamboo leaf rake can suffice, but there are also rakes designed specifically for synthetic turf. Using a push broom to collect and remove heavy debris from your lawn is also a viable option. A leaf blower is not recommended for this step since it can disturb the infill. If you must use a shop vac or leaf blower, make careful to set it to the lowest setting possible.


Artificial grass blades can become matted with time, especially in locations with a lot of foot traffic. Because of the rain and the falling leaves, this happens more frequently in the fall. Cross brushing your artificial grass once a month or so will fluff up the fibres and keep each blade upright. Metal bristles can harm artificial grass strands, therefore always use a brush with synthetic bristles instead of metal bristles. Brushing your grass on a regular basis and avoiding matting will help to extend the life of your synthetic turf and reduce the need for future maintenance.

Denis Bringard / Avalon


Installing artificial grass has the added benefit of not requiring daily watering. No matter how much or how little water they receive, astro turf products remain green and the proper height. However, to remove dust, grime, and pet waste, periodic rinse-downs are required. When it rains, synthetic grass can be cleaned, but if it doesn’t, a short rinsing with the garden hose will do the trick. If you have a natural grass lawn, water it at least once a week, but don’t expect it to last as long as that. There’s no need to run the sprinklers for an hour straight; merely spray off your turf for a few minutes and your lawn will be free of dust and other particles.

Any substantial property investment necessitates some level of care and maintenance in order to maintain its worth. Artificial grass is similar to natural grass in that it requires significantly less upkeep and is optional rather than mandatory. Investing a little time in regular care this fall will extend the life of your synthetic turf and keep your property looking as lovely as possible.

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