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How the electric car industry can climb to the top of investment portfolios

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25th Jun 21 11:10 am

Electric cars have been around for a few years now, but only recently have they gained a significant amount of traction. This is mostly because as our technology has gotten better, the cost for creating these electric cars has significantly lowered—which makes them more affordable for more people. In fact, thanks to heavy hitting marketing campaigns and expert design teams, electric cars have gone from strangely shaped oddities, to super sport luxury vehicles. They are now considered top tier transportation, and entire generations of people want them for themselves. Luckily, entire countries want them too. This revelation kicks open the doors for investment portfolios like nothing before, and possibly like nothing ever will in the future either.

India and economics

The United States is great at a lot of things; it’s not so great at adapting to new technology. So, instead of focusing on our great country, we’ll focus on another: India has thrown a significant portion of their production abilities into producing electric cars. It’s for this reason that now investors are thinking about the future of these Indian-made electric cars. In particular, investors are looking at three companies in particular for future growth.

Maruti Suzuki

This company is highly trusted by Indian car owners, meaning that once they are finished with their own plans for an electric car—their growth is guaranteed.

Amar Raja Batteries

They usually focus on traditional car batteries, but they have recently announced a move towards developing a Lithium-ion battery which can be used inside of electric cars—and with the move towards a greener central government, their growth will be integral to achieving India’s Smart Cities program.

Minda Industries

Known as the world’s best and most producing vehicle parts maker, this company is exploring EV-compatible products which, when research has been completed, with launch them into the for front of electric car parts for all of India.

All three of these companies are huge impactors on the economic state of India, not just the car aspects of the country. That is why it is important to look at the macroeconomics of these companies as well as their plans for their portion of the market. Macroeconomic research is some of the most vital research being done with regard to how electric cars are impacting country economies. Macroeconomics refers to a type of economics that concerns itself with the structure and behavior of the entire economy—further, it has two main areas of interest: long-term growth and short-term cycles. For long-term growth, it watches and provides data on the past and projections of the economy over a long period of growth. While for short-term cycles, it uses data based on similar businesses to review and research the cycle growth of businesses. Using macroeconomics, investors can better predict the best choices for future growth, both for the good of the economy, but also for themselves.

Tesla and the future

Tesla, while not the creator of the electric car, is definitely a significant force in the area. Elon Musk has gone from a PayPal phenom to a cultural powerhouse and an internet sensation. This has only helped Tesla’s prospects, because his cars have become highly desirable as luxury vehicles. However, Elon Musk is also a well-known genius of a creator. His electric cars lead the world in both innovation and expectation. Further, his consistent actions in making them more affordable has changed how they are produced world-wide. He is known for his random antics, while also promoting technology meant to change the world.

Take for example the self-driving Tesla cars. They are considered some of the highest quality vehicles in the world because of their technology abilities. They use a system of scanners and mathematics, Kantian ideals, and choices, to make the best possible outcome while driving. They are able to sense and stop before a crash, and they can pick out a person from a line of objects. They are so sought after, that there has been a shortage of them for a significant amount of time. But they are also so successful, that Elon Musk has been exploring his options with their possibilities.

One of the most interesting ventures he is currently exploring is in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, Elon has built a testing ground for his new idea revolving around his self-driving cars. He has created a network of tunnels beneath Las Vegas called ‘the Loop’. Within this underground tunnel, there are currently 11 fully self-driving cars, working together to let commuters beat the traffic and get to their destinations faster than ever before. He has commented that his ultimate goal is to put tunnels beneath L.A., with a fleet of fully self-driving cars.

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