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How much will an end of tenancy cleaning service cost

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23rd Jun 22 2:40 pm

End of tenancy cleaning is the most popular type of cleaning service and thousands of landlords and tenants book this service every day. To a-lot of landlords a professional end of tenancy clean is part of their agreement with the tenant. They will even take a deposit before the tenancy starts to cover any uncompleted cleaning when the tenant this agreement allows the landlord to relax and 9 times out of ten the tenant will have a professional clean complete because they want to receive their deposit back in full. The reason most landlords require this to be completed is because they want the property to be ready for the next tenant. If the property isn’t ready for the next tenant this means it will be sat un-lived in until it is. This costs landlords money as they will be paying the rent themselves until they can get the property up to scratch.

So how much can you expect to pay for an end of tenancy cleaning service? End of tenancy cleaning London are here to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions. So there isn’t really a set price for end of tenancy cleaning, the cost of an end of tenancy cleaning various and the reasons for this are as follows:

  • The most important factor which determines the price is size. The size of the property will determine just how much it will cost you to have it fully cleaned. Most cleaning companies will determine the size by how many rooms it has, not the actual measurements of the property. They will also go by how many levels the property has. So flat or house and if house they will require a number of staircases.
  • They will also ask you if you have any additional spaces that could be an additional cost, areas such as balconies, terraces or sometimes external buildings such as playhouses or summer houses would be an additional cost.
  • Other additional would include things such as steam cleaning, this will be for carpeted areas and upholstery such as mattresses, carpets or rugs. This is charged separately as this usually requires a separate technician. This goes for any external window cleaning too, internal windows will be included but external windows will require additional equipment and again another technician.

In general an end of tenancy cleaning service will come up as more expensive than some other cleaning services such as spring cleaning on after builder cleaning. This is because of how though end of tenancy cleaning is. Unlike other cleaning services it is the only service that includes cleaning of everything inside of the property. Every surface and every fixture. Other cleaning services might just include a single cleaner attending, however an end of tenancy clean will require a team of cleaners. The cleaners will also bore all of the equipment and products needed for the clean. You shouldn’t be expected to provide anything for the clean. The best advice is to research, look around before deciding on a cleaning company. Remember the cheapest of prices could mean a less professional finish. Always check reviews on the cleaning company and we believe giving them a call and asking some questions to be the best thing to do.

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