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How is technology becoming the backbone for major companies?

by John Saunders
22nd Jul 21 12:40 pm

We’re living in a time when discussions about technology are constant. Businesses are beginning to adjust from using office spaces to remote work. Many office employees are now working from the comfort of their homes, for better or for worse. And now, with an increase in automation, technology has quickly become the backbone for major companies, and developers have no intention of slowing down.

So, what does this all mean for your business? What are the positive and negative innovations happening now that digital solutions are becoming integral in every business’s operations?

Let’s look at how technology is becoming the support system that every major company needs to thrive.

It’s in the cloud

Cloud computing is slowly taking over the office space. Instead of having IT staff install security and office programs on an office computer, the advent of cloud computing allows for immediate long-distance installation of the same software by cloning images from a server.

Businesses are also starting to ditch the traditional router and join SD WAN networks at multi-business sites. Overall, you can expect more businesses to start utilizing the cloud for several reasons — developers are even using the cloud to polish AI engineeringand make artificial intelligence perform with greater accuracy.

The rise of project management software

No other product has seen growth as much as project management software in the past year. The demand for task tracking and organisation rose with the influx of people working at home, and people still love the perks. With automatic time zone conversion and integrated chat features, project management software has changed every business for the better.

Does it come as a surprise that the most innovative companies in the world are all project management software providers? It’s official to say that management is king in this new era of technology…until machine learning catches up.

When technology becomes ‘telepathic’

Have you ever wondered why streaming services like YouTube and Netflix always know what you want to watch? That is the work of machine learning. Machine learning is changing the landscape of the internet by targeting ads based on the user’s preferences.

Big service providers have been pushing for smarter, more efficient learning algorithms that offer their customers deals they can’t say no to. Through this technology, billions of ads are projected to their exact potential customers, influencing their decisions to buy more or commit to a brand.

This form of advertising is so effective that most of Facebook’s and Google’s incomes are from machine learning targeted advertisement.

Automation taken to the extreme

If you are wondering what technology’s next big step is in major companies, look no further than automation. Automation is much more than just self-driving cars and automated warehouse robots. This is an entire field dedicated to utilising automation in company operations and highly optimal product design.

A fantastic example of automation in product design is Renault’s line of automated manual transmission (AMT) cars. Instead of manually designing a mechanically complicated system that may take years of trial and error to perfect, they can now plug the values into an automated system that runs a simulation and catches errors early in the design process.

With this new tool, companies like Renault can design better products more efficiently and allocate time to more important tasks, like changing the way we drive.


Every day, more brands are implementing this state-of-the-art technology to optimise their workflow and ensure ongoing operation. Though there has been much controversy about privacy and how far automation can go before it seems like a sci-fi movie, it is undeniable that technology has led to mind-boggling feats that manual labour could never achieve.

So, we think it’s safe to say that today’s technology hasn’t just become the backbone for major companies; it’s changing the way we will live.

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