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Health Minister forced to clarify ‘full lockdown’ for 18 month remarks

by LLB Reporter
16th Apr 20 2:01 pm

The Health Minister Nadine Dorries has created chaos in government and with the public after insisting there will be a “full lockdown” until a vaccine is found.

In a very unusual break away from Downing Streets official line, Dorries has placed the government into chaos as the lockdown will not be lifted until the end of 2021.

Her comment made on Twitter sparked a row, as scientists and medical experts around the world have all said, it could take up to 18 months to produce a vaccine.

The MP said on Twitter, “Journalists should stop asking about an ‘exit strategy.’

“There is only one way we can ‘exit’ full lockdown and that is when we have a vaccine.

“Until then, we need to find ways we can adapt society and strike a balance between the health of the nation and our economy.”

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan said this is “astonishing” and he described it as a remarkable break from previous government statements.

Sky News presenter Kay Burley also suggested that the Health Minister “misspoke,” to which Dorries responded, “I say it as it is.

“I speak in politics as I do in life. If I need to apologise, I won’t hesitate.”

But added, “I really did not misspeak.”

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary said the row triggered Dorries’ comments showed the need for greater clarity from the government.

He told Sky News, “This is the problem, isn’t it, because if the government don’t provide clarity then people can read things into misleading or badly phrased tweets by junior Health Ministers.”

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