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H2OPE Group secures £2.5 million in seed funding to create the next generation of hydrogen electrolysers

by LLB staff reporter
13th Dec 22 3:48 pm

Today H2OPE group have announced a £2.5 m seed investment to develop their hydrogen electrolysis technology and produce a product for the industrial market.

The main criticism of hydrogen generation is its lack of efficiency, the current systems have inferior filtering which means they need to use clean water unlike H2OPE generators which can use waste water which helps becoming carbon negative.

It can take nearly as much energy to extract hydrogen from water as it creates, which means many solutions are not really commercially viable, at the same time this may not reduce the carbon generation used for energy.

H2OPE group are working to increase this efficiency by up to four times using innovative processes and proprietary technology, and will create a modular unit which can serve large high energy use applications in food manufacturing, drinks production, and even NHS hospitals.

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NHS hospitals along with other sectors can reduce energy costs and make them more predictable, recycle their waste water, with no large capital investment required, resulting in more budget for health provision, becoming carbon negative, your business can also benefit from this.

Further work is involved in creating a hydrogen generating unit which can be used to charge Electric Vehicles or fill hydrogen fuel cells, a one stop shop for the vehicles of the future.

The EV charging station powered by hydrogen which could also have an outlet to fill a hydrogen fuel cell. The hydrogen is created constantly so can be stored for later use.

The H2OPE Group have invented a more efficient way of hydrogen generation, storage and application which uses very little electricity making it more cost effective for SMEs given the current climate and can use waste water.

The water for the hydrogen can be straight from mains, or even runoff from a car wash. Any water left over is clean so can be further recycled.

A spokesperson for H2OPE Group said, “We are excited today to announce this new investment.

“After spending the last 5 years working to build a more efficient way to create hydrogen through electrolysis this money will dramatically increase the speed we can build the product for market.”

H2OPE Group has over 100-years of combined experience in steam engineering, H2OPE offer steam engineering services, water conditioning, and remote monitoring of these high priority systems.

With the addition of hydrogen technology they are truly a company that understands water at the molecular level.

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