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Gove remains officious over UK ‘nuclear attack’ protocols

by LLB Reporter
7th Apr 20 9:54 am

Michael Gove refused to answer a critical nuclear security question, over the UKs ability to respond to a nuclear attack.

Boris Johnson is now incapacitated after he was admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) on Sunday after he was struggling to breathe. Dominic Raab the First Secretary is now at the helm.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Gover refused to answer if Raab will have the same powers as Johnson.

Host Justin Webb asked, “One of the tasks that the Prime Minister has if the country was to come under attack, like a nuclear attack, he has certain responsibilities and things that they must do.

“Have those responsibilities been passed on to Dominic Raab?”

Gove responded saying, “I’m so sorry I am going to have to be terribly officious, I really do apologise.

“There are well-developed protocols which are in place.

“They have been tested robustly over time.

“I know this is such an irritating reply when Ministers give it, it sounds as if they are being stuffy.

“But I really cannot talk about national security issues.”

In recent weeks the UK has seen an “unusually high levels” of Russian activity in the English Channel and Europe is now exposed, as experts fear Putin will use the coronavirus pandemic as a cover to start a military strike.

Russia was warned by NATO last week, that we are ready for an attack, and the military alliance remains strong despite the coronavirus crisis.

NATO chiefs said they will stand up to any threat from Russia after Putin’s military have showed their strength by hunting down a theoretical “enemy submarine” in the Mediterranean Sea.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg insisted that “operational readiness” has not been compromised over the global coronavirus pandemic, in protecting almost 1bn people.

Last month General Stoltenberg said, “It is very likely that Russia will try to take action while the US and NATO is distracted with Covid-19, arguably the first time we have a serious home threat that is impacting our readiness.

“In terms of overall readiness, the question is, how many soldiers can you cut from a brigade before it is in-operational?”

In a show of might Putin’s military have showed their strength by hunting down a theoretical “enemy submarine” in the Mediterranean Sea.

Three Russian warships were deployed to the Mediterranean Sea to seek and “destroy” a theoretical “enemy” as part of a naval drill during the coronavirus pandemic.

The aggressive Russian drill saw the crew notionally employing “torpedo weapons and rocket-propelled bombs” on their target in the Med.

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