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Gas Safety Certificate: Why do landlords need it?

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15th Oct 19 10:59 am

Did you know that UK Landlords are not allowed to rent out properties without a valid gas safety certificate? It is a requirement and a crucial piece of documentation that proves that a qualified electrical and gas safety engineer has checked the gas appliances. This checkup is valid for a year, before another check is carried out. A gas safety certificate mainly shows that the electrical/gas fittings are safe for use for the next tenant.

Landlords are required to keep the gas safety certificates for about two years before disposing of them. This, at least, helps you to demonstrate a competence history just in case you need to present it.  When the certificate is issued, there are given elements that must be present to make the document acceptable legally.

Below show details of what should appear in your gas safety certificate:

  • Name and address of the owner of the property
  • The address of the property
  • The date of checking
  • The location each and every appliance
  • Any faults noted
  • How the defects were corrected
  • The names and signature of who carried the checks
  • The confirmation of results


All inspections should be done by a qualified and licensed company like Landlord Certificates, for best results. When inspecting the appliances, only the gas and electrical appliances within your premise and property should be checked. Always note that you (the landlord) are not in any way responsible for the gas appliances that come with the tenant. This includes cookers or cylinders. Only devices that are within the location of the property are in the hands of the landlord are inspected.

During the inspection, our engineers will check to ensure that, the all devices are working safely and correctly.

Below are reasons why the gas safety certificate is of importance to the landlord;

It is a legal requirement

A gas safety certificate is a legal requirement to be presented in the event that you need to sell or rent your property. It is the only measure that can be used by the buyer to identify which appliance is faulty, when they were last on a check, and what chances you have that you will be safe using and living under the same roof with the appliance. Safety always comes first.

They are used in keeping gas safety records

The gas safety certificate helps in keeping gas safety records that might be necessary or needed in the future. This equally helps in showing evidence that the appliances have been checked, and necessary repairs have been made. It acts as proof in case of future queries and you need to present evidence showing the checkup of the given appliances over the years. The certificate is used to show when the last inspection was done on your gas and electrical appliances and connections.

It shows the primary concerns of the landlord

The gas safety certificate is associated with the primary safety concerns of the landlord to the tenants, and the property at large. It acts as evidence that the landlord cares and puts the safety of people before the desire for money. In other words, this gas safety certificate is a sign of goodwill to the upcoming tenant, that you have put their issue of their safety at heart.

The document protects tenants

A gas safety certificate protects tenants from dangers that may arise as a result of faulty appliances. For this reason, the document is required to act as evidence that the appliances have been checked by a qualified safety engineer and found to be good enough for use. This gives assurances to the tenants, gives them confidence to purchase or rent the house without the fear that their life may be endangered. Assuring tenants that the property is safe builds a strong relationship with them, which makes it easier doing business with them even in the future.

The certificate protects landlords

The gas safety certificate protects landlords from potential lawsuits. Accidents may occur, and there might be need for you to prove that you did all the best you could to check the electrical and gas appliances in your property. Tenants are also protected from blame in case appliances become faulty. Both parties are protected thus, in case of potential court cases and lawsuits. Thus, the gas safety certificate stands as evidence in court as proof of due diligence having been followed. Better to be safe than sorry.

Landlords are responsible for gas maintenance

Landlords need a gas safety certificate since they are responsible for gas maintenance in their properties. This means that landlords have the responsibility of maintaining their house before it is leased, to ensure that it is in the best condition (fit for sale and rent). Landlords have to contract professional inspectors to come and ascertain that the house is fit for occupancy; as such, it’s only fair that they be the one to keep the gas safety certificates.

The document helps detect malfunctioning

The gas safety certificate helps detect malfunctioning gas apparatuses. This makes it easy for the landlord to know what needs repair and what is faulty beyond repair.

It equally helps landlords plan ahead, know what needs replacement in the near future. This is why it’s so important to get the inspection done by professional and certified engineers. Only such can conduct reliable, unbiased inspection on your gas system and appliances.


Are you a landlord in London looking for affordable and reliable gas and electrical inspection services? Then you’re at the right place, we’re a professional team of electrical engineers operating in London and M25 areas. Our team is thoroughly qualified and accredited, feel free to give us a call now on (+44) 020 3772 5959. Our doors are open from Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm. Gas safety certificates by Landlord Certificates is the one which you can produce to tenants who wants proof that the building has indeed been inspected. Our rates are also affordable, talk to us today.

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