Home Business News FSB agent warns Russia is heading to ‘total collapse’ or ‘civil war’ as Chechens could take parts of Russia which would end Putin

FSB agent warns Russia is heading to ‘total collapse’ or ‘civil war’ as Chechens could take parts of Russia which would end Putin

2nd May 22 11:00 am

A Federal Security Service (FSB) agent has warned that Russia is heading to “civil war” or even “total collapse.”

The FSB agent also warned that the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov could take advantage and create political chaos and could create an “Emirate of the Caucasus” in Russia.

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The FSB agent also predicts Russian troops will not achieve winning the “Battle for Donbas” which will cause political and security consequences for Putin which could lead to a coup and the breakup of Russia.

The Kremlin security agent said, “The current reality leaves the country with two options.

“The first is a total collapse due to the full set of all wrong actions taken together. The second is a civil war.”

He said that Kadyrov is aware civil war could breakout in Russia and is waiting for the right time to create political chaos as he has strategically gathered his forces.

The Kremlin insider added, “There is reason to believe that Kadyrov is not only aware of the inevitability of a civil war in Russia, but is actively playing along the lines of a potential split.

“Kadyrov himself does not care about Ukraine, the Donbas, and this entire war.

“He has gone beyond these limits, he is already thinking in a different reality.”

Kadyrov has not deployed his elite forces in Ukraine but simply “chechen volunteers” and “employee of law enforcement.”

The Kremlin insider continued, “Kadyrov will become the main beneficiary of the military failure of the Russian Armed Forces.

“In the upcoming Donbas meat grinder, he is guaranteed to keep his forces intact, while in any outcome of the battle, the rest of the Russian forces will be heavily drained and exhausted.

“In general, Kadyrov cannot but realise that after the Donbas battle, he will retain the most powerful and combat-ready military force in the country.

“But then a big turmoil can begin, in which everything will be incomprehensible.”

He added, “By all indications, Kadyrov, like no one else, is preparing for this particular point, everything else is informational tinsel, designed to hide his true plans.”

The FSB agent slammed Putin as he accused him of sacrificing everything for the sake of his political ambitions.

He wrote, “The culmination of the Russian problem has now been created personally by Putin, already by the fact that he puts his political demands above any expediency: military, social, economic.

“We do not have a strategy.

“Two weeks ago, there was hope that the current crisis would force the top leadership of the country to take a responsible step back, assess the situation and look for real solutions to the current situation.

“But instead, we see the behaviour of a player who has lost his temper and is trying to recoup at any cost.”

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