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UK on high alert as MI5 have ‘serious concerns’ Putin is sending ‘agents’ to Britain to ‘target strategic locations’

1st May 22 12:23 pm

The British Security Service MI5 has issued a warning that they have “serious concerns” Vladimir Putin is sending “agents” to “target strategic locations” in the UK.

The Security Service briefed the Home Secretary Priti Patel on Saturday evening over a high level threat to Britain as they are monitoring those who enter into the UK.

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GCHQ are liaising with their European counterparts and the Chief of Staff Steve Barclay and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A security source told the Express and warned, “There is a serious concern that officers or agents attached to Russia’s security services may attempt to enter the UK and target strategic locations.

“We are well aware of their capabilities and have seen how Putin is using these agencies in Eastern Europe.”

The head of global intelligence at the Sibylline strategic risk group, Ed Johnson, said there are a range of possible targets across the UK for Putin’s saboteurs.

He said, “They’ll aim to sow chaos, panic or distrust in the government.

“This could range from taking down a substation and amplifying the effect through a cyber attack, to bringing hard currency into Britain to finance separatist organisations, to targeting ministers, agents and officials and releasing embarrassing documents.

“The aim is to humiliate Britain and reduce popular support for Ukraine.

“You don’t need to blow up a power station to do this.”

Johnson said Russia’s FSB intelligence service have been disgraced over their constant failures in Ukraine, Putin “now has a lot to prove.”

“Russia’s three intelligence agencies, the more traditional SVR, the military-led GRU and the FSB all have intelligence sections and they’re highly competitive.

“The FSB has a lot of ground to make up since its failed intelligence briefings to Moscow ahead of the February 24 invasion.”

He added, “It should come as no surprise that the UK is Russia’s number one target in Europe. The UK is seen as Kyiv’s staunchest ally.

“It signed a political, free trade and strategic agreement in January, before the conflict, and after the invasion it set a precedent which others followed to increase pressure on Russia.”

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