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Families are now allowed to enjoy the beach or countryside

by LLB political Reporter
29th Mar 21 10:55 am

Under the new Covid rules which have eased today families can go to the beach or the countryside across England.

People can now meet in groups of six outdoors and formally organised outdoor sports are to reopen as the government’s “stay at home” message has now come to an end.

There are now no restrictions as to how far you can travel in England to meet with family or friends anywhere across the country.

The government has said that people should not stay anywhere overnight away from their home and social distancing must still be followed.

A government spokesperson told the Standard that people can go and windsurf or take a kayak out, there are now no restrictions for how far people want to go for a bike ride or a walk.

The Sports Minister, Nige Huddleston told the Sun newspaper, “It’s really important that people think about themselves and their loved ones and the health and safety of their loved ones when they conduct any activity.

“The message is very, very clearly outdoor is much safer than indoor, please don’t put yourself or your family at risk.

“We’ve experienced coronavirus now for over a year, most people know the law. So we really do need people to stick by the law, because otherwise the roadmap is at risk.

“But we don’t want it to be at risk, as long everybody abides by the rules.”

He warned, “It is a roadmap.

“Those key milestones will be looked at very carefully indeed and if we don’t feel like we can proceed, then we won’t.”

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