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Europe warned they will ‘be dragged into a war, possibly into a nuclear one’ if they continue with their policy

17th Jan 23 4:25 pm

An ally of Vladimir Putin has warned that if Europe continues with their policy, then they will “be dragged into a war, possibly into a nuclear one” which has prompted the Doomsday Clock to be revised and the war in Ukraine could push the hand closer to 12 O’clock.

The Doomsday Clock measures the danger of a nuclear disaster which represents how close humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Victor Medvedchuk who is a close ally of Putin has warned of the possibility of a nuclear war breaking out in Europe and warns he sees only two ways out of the war in Ukraine.

In an article for Izvestia, a daily broadsheet newspaper Medvedchuk said, “It is no longer Europe that teaches Ukraine politics, but Ukraine teaches Europe how to achieve economic decline and poverty with the help of a policy of hatred and intransigence.”

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Medvedchuk added, “If Europe continues to continue this policy, it will be dragged into a war, possibly into a nuclear one.”

Putin’s ally gave the biggest threat Europe, and the West has had to date, warning there’s only two ways out of the current war, one if which is a “nuclear conflict.”

Medvedchuk said, “And now there are only two ways out: to slide into a world war and a nuclear conflict, or to start the process of detente again, for which it is necessary to take into account the interests of all parties.

“But for this, it is necessary to recognise politically that Russia has interests, that they must be taken into account in the construction of a new detente.

“But if the world political system is not capable of elementary decency, blinded by pride and its own mercantile interests, then even more difficult times await us.”

Moscow has previously warned that London will face “retaliatory measures” and Moscow “will not forget” Britain’s support for Ukraine as the world is now many steps closer to World War Three.

The Kremlin warned that Russia will not forget the “supply of British weapons to the Kyiv regime” which leaves Russia with no choice “but to take proportionately tough retaliatory measures,” as “London has made a final choice of open confrontation with Russia.”

Scientists from the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists who are based in Chicago will make an assessment next week over the Doomsday Clock.

They said in a statement, “For many years, we and others have warned that the most likely way nuclear weapons might be used is through an unwanted or unintended escalation from a conventional conflict.”

They warned, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought this nightmare scenario to life.”

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