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England will ‘keep going without lockdowns’ as Boris reveals winter plan

14th Sep 21 4:18 pm

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has during a press conference today that we will “keep going” with relaxed Covid restrictions this winter as the “vaccines are working.”

Johnson admitted that in some respects England is in a “more challenging” position than this time last year as “we have higher levels of daily cases, thousands more.”

The Prime Minister added, “We’ve seen the huge vaccine-induced falls in deaths and serious disease and, depending on your age, you are up to nine times more likely to die, sadly, if you are unvaccinated than if you have had both jabs.

“The result of this vaccination campaign is that we have one of the most free societies and one of the most open economies in Europe.

“That is why we are now sticking with our strategy. In essence, we are going to keep going.”

Should there be an unmanageable hike in infections then the government have a “Plan B,” such as event and the hospitality sector.

He said, “More than 200 events have used Covid certification voluntarily.

“It’s just not sensible to rule out completely this kind of option now, when we must face the fact that it might still make the difference between keeping businesses open at full capacity or not.

“We will also keep open the option of mandating face coverings as they have elsewhere, or advising people again to work from home.’

Johnson stressed, “Covid is still out there. The disease, sadly, still remains a risk.

“But I’m confident that we can keep going with our plan to turn jabs, jabs, jabs into jobs, jobs, jobs and protect the gains that we’ve made together.”

Johnson warned that the winter months could prove “challenging” with the threat of infections rising.

He added, “We must not be complacent as we approach what could be a challenging autumn and winter.

“This plan is informed by the latest scientific advice on controlling the virus.

“Since we moved to Step 4 in July, there has been huge progress and the public has been learning to live with the virus without significant restrictions on businesses and individual freedoms.”

Johnson’s official spokesman said that the Prime Minister has “stressed his desire to see us continue to bolster our vaccine programme as the first line of defence, supported by testing, public health advice and a variant surveillance system.”

He added, “Cabinet agreed the plan which was set out in Parliament earlier today.”

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