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Employee engagement more important than ever

by Rajhu Goraai
19th Nov 20 3:11 pm

Our lives have drastically changed over the past months. Doing business has changed and businesses moved to an online environment. With lots of people working from home, it is hard to keep your employee engagement at a desirable level. People feel more disconnected from their work than ever. This not only results in a difficult environment for businesses, but also impacts the productivity and in turn profitability. How can you improve the engagement of your employees? Well, it is time to first understand how you can measure employee engagement.

How to measure employee engagement

To understand how your employees feel, you can start by monitoring small signs. How do people feel? How are they looking at the coming month? This can already be conducted on a team level, allowing for more honest and direct feedback. If you are looking for means to measure the engagement on a larger scale, you can consider the use of surveys. This helps you tackle a larger sample and provide you with insights how the overall organisation is feeling.

Acting upon survey outcomes

This is a hard step and often left out by many survey-conducting businesses. It is important to act upon the insights that come out of the surveys. For example, you can decide to work together with a team to understand where these feelings resonate from. Does this come from specific feelings, or is it related to a specific project? These signs can help you act upon the outcomes and help your employees become more productive.

Insights in workload

With the physical distance now present due to COVID-19, it becomes even harder to measure the workload that people have. Often, the workload can become too much or the boundaries between work-life can become blurry. The result? More stress for employees and less productivity in return. It is important that you can continuously monitor this and ask feedback from your employees so both of you can get the best out of the relationship.


If you make use of external tooling for your survey, you are able to benchmark your insights. This can be relevant, as benchmarks are available for a broad range of industries. Having these insights can help you understand how your organisation is doing compared to peers. This also helps you learn from industry-leaders and act accordingly.

Direct impact with off-the-shelf solutions

Effectory is a firm that provides research tooling that allow your business to measure the engagement. Using their tools, such as surveys, you get a direct insight in the way your employees think about the organisation. There is even a dedicated survey that helps you measure the effectiveness and engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. These standardised offerings help to measure your organisation’s engagement and act upon it accordingly.

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