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Cummings has gone from ‘King Herod to a prophet’ with truths written on tablets

27th May 21 2:42 pm

The Health Secretary appeared before the Commons on Thursday to strongly defend his position and the serious allegations made against him by Dominic Cummings.

Cummings told the Parliamentary Committee that Hancock was close to getting sacked by the Prime Minister as he had lied on many “occasions.”

Cummings said that there “was no good reasons for keeping” Hancock and accused him of being responsible for some 30,000 deaths in care homes.

Conservative MP William Wragg asked Hancock if he “noted the various ironies” following Cummings evidence before MPs on Wednesday.

Wragg told MPs in the Commons, “It must be personally difficult for him and others who needlessly defended someone so willing to throw them into the road, full of those, presumably behind wheels, of those testing their eyesight.

“But is not the greater irony the strange epiphany in many who have gone from regarding the Prime Minister’s former adviser as a latter-day King Herod whose words and deeds could not be trusted, into a prophet who, fresh from the wilderness, brings with him supposed truths written on tablets of stone?”

Hancock diverted from answering the question and said the government are committed to getting us out of the pandemic, which is want constituents want.

The Health Secretary said, “I think what the constituents who we serve are looking for is a government that is focused all-square on delivering from them, getting us out of this pandemic and building back better and observations or ironies I will leave to my honourable friends.”

Hancock also told MPs that the allegations made against him by Cummings are “unsubstantiated” and “not true.”

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