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Culture and art: What’s the connection

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23rd Apr 21 10:58 am

The relationship between culture and art goes back for as long as human history exists. Now you must be wondering ‘how?’ Since most people only relate art to spoken poetry or paintings, they are confused about how it was there all along. 

To understand the phenomenon, one must acknowledge that art is not confined to mere two aspects. It existed in the cutlery, dresses and jewellery back in the day. 

Let’s look at African art as an example. We see how rich it was in reflecting their culture so transparently. Certain names like Ellipse projects are preserving and reintroducing the forgotten or underestimated works of art and appreciation.

Now coming to the culture, as per dictionary, it is lifestyle, traditions, habits and background of a certain community. Let us now go into the subject, which is ‘The connection between art and culture’.

The history of “Culture And Art”

Great art portrays the recreational interaction of a group at its most important events. Concepts and thought patterns drive these practices, which embody man’s values and beliefs about his time. 

Most ancient arts in the Middle East forbade images to depict God since they believed it would violate their spiritual norms and institutions. In medieval Italy, on the other hand, picture or visual representation became common as churches began to preach faith to those who were not as literate.

These cultural examples demonstrate that man had religious beliefs, magical arts, and social principles long before learning to create structures, cultivate and domesticate farming land, and raise livestock. However, the potential of humans to adjust to their surroundings cannot be overstated. 

Of course, human beings are exposed to influences of their context, such as geographical and climatic conditions. But, unlike other species, they are not solely liminal. Human’s receptive nature, combined with his warm admiration of the art, allows him to gain a deeper understanding of a culture and world that is not his own. 

Since it is challenging for a “man” to completely disconnect himself from his social environment’s inherited teachings, rituals, and subconscious power, man’s love of art, art becomes the bridge between different cultures.

Ellipse Projects is uplifting artists to endorse art importance, so the continuity of art and the life it gives never stop.

The connection

At their heart, art and culture are among the most powerful, complex, participatory social approach to human communication and attitudes. When combined, they have the power to elicit empathy, initiate conversation, prompt thought, and build a strong relationship and concepts.

Art and culture can also share, shape, and articulate human values powerfully and democratically. They reveal our internal strengths and provide insight into how we envision and use various methods of communication with one another. 

The abstracts also allow us to develop consistent and effective products while also determining the valuation of our subsistence and businesses.


In conclusion, culture undoubtedly reflects a society’s, region’s, and environment’s lifestyle and thinking patterns. And, to truly comprehend a culture, one must also recognise beautiful things, i.e. art.

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