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British Foreign Office warns against travel to Spain

by LLB Reporter
13th Mar 20 12:13 pm

The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a warning to Brits travelling to parts of Spain, they are advising against all but essential travel to certain regions.

The FCO has advised to avoid areas in Madrid, La Rioja and the municipalities of La Bastida, Vitoria and Miranda de Ebro.

Spain announced they have had an almost 50% increase of coronavirus cases in just 24 hours, Madrid and the surrounding region is now 2,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The popular holiday destination for Brits now has had 90 deaths due to coronavirus. Spain borders France which has 2,879 confirmed cases and a total of 61 deaths, up be almost 40 in one week.

Spain are fearing an Italy like coronavirus outbreak as confirmed cases on Monday rocketed by 362 cases in one day.

The Spanish government has announced to launch an emergency plan to prevent the spread of coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Spain has cancelled events in closed spaces and are urging residents to stay at home if they believe they have picked up coronavirus.

On Saturday a part of the city Haro was in lockdown following cases of coronavirus in the La Rioja region, whilst 60 cases of the virus were confirmed in the city of Vitoria-Gastiez, north Spain.

The Spanish government’s representative and health minister for the Basque region, Sara Alba said, “Following the principle of precaution that the department is obliged to abide by, we need to take exceptional measures designed to stop the transmission of the illness between citizens who are not following the advice of the health authorities.

“We are talking to the national health ministry about the situation in Haro and together we’ve agreed the measures we have taken up to now and are prepared for future scenarios.”

President Emmanuel Macron has addressed France in a televised interview saying all schools and universities across the country are to close.

President Macron gave a televised interview from the Elysée Palace in Paris on Thursday evening that all schools, colleges and universities will close from Monday “until further notice.”

The French President said in an address to the nation, “Despite our efforts, the virus is accelerating.

“It will hit the most vulnerable people first and we are taking great efforts to increase massively the capacity in our hospitals.

The Italian government have announced they are to close all shops, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and non-essential company departments will close.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte further said food shops and pharmacies will remain open.

12 days ago, Italy had just 34 deaths, now the country has a death toll of 1,016 up  from 827 on Wednesday, with more than 15,000 confirmed cases across the country, with almost 900 people are in intensive care wards.

Coronavirus is spreading so fast and with thousands now infected doctors are being forced to decide on who lives and who dies as there are very limited numbers of beds in the intensive care units.

Dr Daniele Macchini who is at the heart of the coronavirus outbreak has spoken out and has said the virus is a “tsunami that has swept us all.”

Dr Macchini said, “After thinking for a long time if and what to write about what is happening to us, I felt that the silence was not at all responsible.”

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