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Brexit causes 298 per cent rise in angry reactions

by LLB Reporter
27th Sep 19 7:59 am

The controversial global Brexit topic has held the attention of UK residents since its inception, and in order to read the public’s thoughts, global social media marketing and eCommerce business Social Chain has conducted an extensive four-year analysis from June 2016 [referendum date] to August 2019 across social platforms.

A tone of anger has spiked over the last six months, and there are no signs of fatigue amongst the public. Right-wing accounts are relying on dominant platforms, Facebook and Twitter, to drive this conversation.

There is no sign of Brexit fatigue in Europe, as it continues to dominate content viewed online. Since November 2018, Brexit content is viewed 20m times daily, constituting numbers equal to a third of the UK’s total population. In fact, the 3.1bn interactions on Twitter and Facebook match the populations of at least twenty of Europe’s entire countries, setting them apart as dominant platforms for the political discussion.

Aware of the powerful position these platforms hold, it is then even more crucial to note that Facebook data (holding at least 1.8bn viewers’ attention) shows that right-wing accounts generate far more engagement than the more left leaning accounts. Fight4Brexit generated more than BBC News and The Independent this year combined, with 65 thousand engagements. With this reach these accounts have the ability to drive influence over the public’s perception.

Men are supposedly seeking and consuming more Brexit news than women, with 85% of people engaging with Brexit-related topics on YouTube being men. Along with gender, age is a clear factor defining people’s involvement, showing 25 to 34-year-olds discussing the topic more than any other age division.

In their detailed analysis, Social Chain Data (an arm of Social Chain specifically analysing the data) found an increased appetite for Brexit discussions to be delivered in more meaningful ways. There has been an accumulation of frustration over the length of the deal, tied in with the political agenda of the varied outcomes including a ‘no-deal Brexit’.

Facebook is the platform leading this trend, with the highest rise in ‘Anger’ reactions per upload on “no-deal Brexit” content. There has been a 298% increase in these type of anger reactions compared to any other engagement on Facebook. People are leaning towards more outlandish emotions as involvement in voicing opinions shows 135% increase with fatigue nowhere in sight.

The data was analysed by the agency division of Social Chain as part of the launch of Social Chain Data, a new type of social-first market research consultancy tailored to the digital age. With access to a Millennial and Gen Z audience of over 80m, Social Chain Data offers a holistic and data-driven view on research with a team of dedicated analysts and strategic advisors. Using the most comprehensive tools, Social Chain Data can audit the social landscape, monitor online conversations and spot emerging consumer trends.

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