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Boris ‘followed the data the best we could and guidance we had’

27th May 21 2:20 pm

The Prime Minister said today that he did follow the scientific guidance following Dominic Cummings explosive tell all to MPs on Wednesday.

Cummings alleged that Boris Johnson and Whitehall had “zero”plans for shielding and the lack of testing data was a “critical disaster.”

Johnson said on Thursday that denies not following advice from his scientific advisors and told Sky News that the government were forced to make “incredibly difficult series of decisions,” none of which were “taken lightly.”

HE told Sky News whilst on a visit to a hospital in Essex that lockdowns were a “very, very painful and traumatic thin” which had to be set against the horror of the pandemic.”

Johnson added, “You’ve got to recognise and I hope that people do understand this, that when you go into a lockdown, it’s a very, very painful and traumatic thing for people, for people’s mental health, their lives and their livelihoods.

“And of course, you’ve got to set that against the horrors of the pandemic and of Covid.

“And, at every stage, we’ve been governed by a determination to protect life, to save life, to ensure that our NHS is not overwhelmed, and we’ve followed, to the best we can, the data and guidance that we’ve had.

“And what we’re doing now is still following the data, still looking very carefully at where we’re going, looking at what’s happening with the new variant.”

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