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Boris branded a ‘coward not a leader’ and also blasted by Speaker of the House ‘I’m in charge’ in a tense PMQs

17th Nov 21 1:47 pm

Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) saw a very tense stand off with MPs with a furious Sir Lindsay Hoyle as the sleaze row intensifies.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said that he doubt Boris Johnson is the “man to clean up Westminster” as he “led his troops through the sewers to cover up corruption and he can’t even say sorry.”

Boris was branded a “coward ” and Tory MP Michael Fabricant said that Sir Keir should withdraw his “coward” jibe.

The Speaker of the House said “Coward is not what is used in this House.”

Sir Keir replied, “I withdraw it, but he’s no leader.”

Sir Keir said that the Prime Minister should apologise over the Owen Paterson sleaze row.

Johnson did not apologise, but did say it was a “mistake” to conflate the lobbying rule breach for Paterson.

Johnson argued that a cross party approach is needed on standards for reform of MPs.

He then switched his focus to the Labour leader and said, “Perhaps he can clear up from his proposals whether he would continue to be able to take money as he did from Mishcon de Reya and other legal firms?”

The Speaker of the House constantly clashed with the Prime Minister and blasted at Johnson saying, “I’m not going to be challenged, you may be the Prime Minister of this country but in this House, I’m in charge.”

Sir Keir also told MPs, “That’s not an apology.

“Everybody else has apologised for him, but he won’t apologise for himself.

“A coward, not a leader.

“Weeks defending corruption.

“Yesterday a screeching last-minute U-turn to avoid defeat on Labour’s plan to ban MPs from dodgy second contracts.

“But waving one white flag won’t be enough to restore trust and there are plenty of opposition days to come, and we will not let the Prime Minister water down the proposals or pretend that it’s job done.

“We still haven’t shut the revolving door where ministers are regulating a company one minute, and working for them the next.

“There are plenty of cases that still stain this House.”

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