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Boris and Starmer both threatened to be kicked out of the Commons as Hoyle warns ‘we don’t want to see an empty frontbench’

by LLB political Reporter
8th Jun 22 3:27 pm

The Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lyndsay Hoyle threatened to kick out both Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs).

The Labour leader and Johnson came to blows as Sir Keir responded to the noises in the Commons and slapped down the Prime Minister by saying he did not know if the noise was “cheers or boos.”

Sir Keir said at the start of PMQs “I couldn’t make out whether that introductory noise was cheers or boos. The trouble is I don’t know whether it is directed at me or him.”

A Tory MP heckled across the Commons, “Booze in Durham.”

The Speaker slapped both Johnson and Sir Keir down, he said, “Can I just say to both of you, you need to calm down.

“You can have a nice cup of tea if you wish.”

Sir Keir then asked Johnson, “Why did his Culture Secretary – I think she is hiding along the bench – say that successive Conservative governments left our health service wanting and inadequate when the pandemic hit?”

Johnson said, “Everybody knows that when the pandemic hit it was an entirely novel virus for which the whole world was unprepared. Nobody at that stage, nobody knew how to test for it, nobody knew what the right quarantine rules should be.

“But as it happened, the UK government and our amazing NHS not only approved the first vaccine anywhere in the world, we were the first to get it into anybody’s arms and we had the fastest rollout anywhere in Europe.”

Sir Keir Starmer then said that Johnson has “just agreed with the Culture Secretary,” he added, that a growing number of people in England are “unhappy” with their GP services.

The Labour leader asked, “Despite the hard work of doctors, people cannot see a GP in person, they are unhappier than ever with GP services.

“If GP provision was ‘wanting and inadequate’ before the pandemic, what is it now?”

The Prime Minister added, “He is wrong about what we are doing and of course, we have got to clear the Covid backlogs, and everybody understands the pressure that the NHS is under, but they are responding magnificently.”

Sir Lindsay blasted to the two leaders, “Once again, I think the two of you need to calm down.

“We don’t want to see an empty frontbench.”

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