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Analysts warn Putin is ‘preparing for potential large-scale conventional war against NATO’

27th Feb 24 11:30 am

Military analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) have warned that Vladimir Putin is preparing for a “large-scale conventional war against NATO.”

The military analysts who seem to have been correct on many predictions over the war in Ukraine warned that the war against NATO will be in “long term.”

On Monday Putin signed a decree reinstating Moscow and Leningrad military districts in western Russia, this has not existed in 14-years.

By officially reinstating the unoccupied and occupied Ukrainian pieces of land is a “maximalist” plan to absorb all of the five regions.

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The military analysts warned that reinstating Moscow and Leningrad districts could be leading to more long-term goals for Putin.

Putin has provided a “remedy” as the western military district “stretched” Russia from the war.

The districts will now “allow Russia to simultaneously posture against NATO and streamline command and control” for Putin’s war.

The ISW said that by Putin signifying Moscow this could will be preparation “for a potential future large-scale conventional war against NATO in the long term.”

On Monday the First Sea Lord Baron West warned that the risk of nuclear war is far greater now than during the Cold War and that “Putin is behaving very strangely.”

The former Royal Navy chief who served in the Falklands War warned that the full-scale invasion in Ukraine has not been seen since 1945.

Vladimir Putin’s closest ally, Dmitry Medvedev warned last week that Russia is ready to take “revenge” on the West amid the new sanctions over the death of Alexei Navalny.

Admiral Lord West was the Security Advisor to the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, warned that the world is in a “more dangerous” and “more uncertain” period that at any other time.

He told the Express.co.uk, “If Russia is a threat, the biggest thing we contribute to European NATO is our Navy – they rely on us.

“That’s why HMS Prince of Wales is the flagship for this huge exercise going on at the moment is because provide that.”

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