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Estonia stops Russian special forces ‘hybrid operation’ on NATO soil

20th Feb 24 3:46 pm

Russian special forces have been operating on NATO territory and “Estonia has successfully stopped a hybrid operation.”

Local media has said that operatives who are run by Russian special forces are behind the attack on an Estonian minister’s car in 2023.

Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Tuesday, “Estonia has successfully stopped a hybrid operation by Russia’s security services on our territory.

We know the Kremlin is targeting all of our democratic societies. Our answer: be open and reveal their methods. This is the way to deter harmful actions and make us resilient.”

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Kallas shared a link to the news article in ERR News saying Estonia’s Internal Security Service (ISS) have identified those who attacked the interior ministers car and a journalists car.

The ISS said on Tuesday that the Russian “hybrid operation” was designed to “sow fear and create tension in Estonian society.”

ERR News said that the Estonian security service have evidence that suggests the six suspects who are Russian are now in custody, they were operating under the orders from Russian special forces.

They are accused of vandalising cars smashing their windows of the Interior Minister and the journalist, as well as vandalising memorials.

State Prosecutor Triinu Olev said: “Proceedings have been initiated under the Penal Code, which deals with offences against the security of the Republic of Estonia.

“We cannot overlook the gravity of the offences under investigation and the fact that, according to the suspects, they were prepared to take part in activities against the security of the Republic of Estonia without thinking about the consequences.”

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