Home Business News Kremlin warns war with NATO would be ‘inevitable’ as Macron backs sending troops to Ukraine

Kremlin warns war with NATO would be ‘inevitable’ as Macron backs sending troops to Ukraine

by LLB political Reporter
27th Feb 24 11:09 am

The Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico has warned on Monday that some NATO and EU members are considering to send troops to Ukraine.

Fico said that the troops will be sent to Ukraine “on a bilateral basis” and then added that Slovakia will not be sending their forces.

The French President Emmanuel Macron invited leaders to the Elysee Palace on Monday due to the escalation in Russia’s aggression.

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In a televised briefing, Fico said, “I will limit myself to say that these theses (in preparation for the Paris meeting) imply a number of NATO and EU member states are considering that they will send their troops to Ukraine on a bilateral basis.

“I cannot say for what purpose and what they should be doing there,” he said, added that Slovakia will not be sending soldiers to Ukraine.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala was asked over the comments, he said, “The Czech Republic certainly is not preparing to send any soldiers to Ukraine, nobody has to worry about that.”

Macron said at the meeting, “I have noted that more or less all the countries represented around this table have said…that the common consensus was that we should be ready in a few years’ time, for Russia to attack these countries.

“We all agree we don’t want to go to war with the Russian people, but we’re determined to keep escalation under control.”

Macron said the meeting was set up to see how to “do more in terms of military support and budget support.”

However, NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg has said that there are “no plans” for soldiers to be sent to Ukraine.

Stoltenberg said that NATO are providing Ukraine with “unprecedented support” and no combat troops will be sent.

The Kremlin has warned that if European troops are sent to Ukraine that it will be “inevitable” there will be conflict with NATO.

The French President said that there is “no consensus at this stage” however, “nothing should be excluded.”

The senior Ukrainian presidential official Mykhailo Podolyak said that Western intervention in the war would be good.

He said, “This shows, firstly, an absolute awareness of the risks posed to Europe by a militaristic, aggressive Russia.”

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