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Why 2021 is the year you should outsource your managed IT services

by John Saunders
19th Nov 20 2:48 pm

Don’t let anyone tell you that keeping an in-house IT support team is more effective than outsourcing — it’s simply not. Having an in-house IT team focus on adding value for your customers is essential, but when it comes to implementing and supporting business productivity systems and resolving IT issues, it’s best to outsource

Your in-house IT team doesn’t want to be bogged down with IT issues that pull it away from its most important customer facing projects. Having a remote IT support team can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your business and it’s employees

In this article, we look at why there are no excuses for you not to outsource your IT support in 2021 and how failing to do so might hinder your business success 

Save money

Let’s face it, times are hard right now. The business landscape has been hit by the pandemic, and we’re headed into one of the biggest recessions the world has ever seen 

Now is the time to spot any opportunities that will streamline your workforce and its activities. Do you need a full IT support team in your building? Are they fully utilised on a daily basis?

An outsourced managed IT company will only ever charge you for the work that’s required. Rather than paying IT staff an annual salary, you could benefit from a team of IT professionals on an “as and when” basis

Get the best IT support

IT support is continuously evolving, which means you must keep your IT team trained and up to date with all the latest technologies and compliances. This costs a lot of money and takes a significant amount of time

When outsourcing your IT support, you will have access to a team of highly skilled IT professionals who are always kept up to date with the latest training, certifications and compliances.

Eliminate IT recruitment

Recruiting new staff is hard enough as it is, but recruiting IT staff is even more challenging. It isn’t easy to know what type of person and skills are best suited to the individual needs of your company

Outsourced IT companies are in control of their hiring and, through their experience, can provide you with skilled IT professionals that suit your particular business. For example, if you’re a law firm in need of IT support, a managed IT company may be likely to have several IT professionals experienced in working within the law industry 

Having the ability to access IT professionals with proven experience in your industry increases your chances of progressing your IT systems beyond what you would typically be capable of on your own 

Stay focused on your actual business

Everybody hates IT issues. They’re a pain and cause undue amounts of stress and loss of time and money. When something goes wrong, it’s like the whole business stops. Everybody’s focus is quickly shifted to the IT issue, losing valuable time spent on the actual work your company produces for its customers. In fact, one study found employees lose an average of 22 minutes a day because of IT issues

IT problems distract employees. Using an IT support desk allows individuals to get their IT issues solved quickly without the whole office getting involved 

Many business owners outsource their IT support needs just so they have some peace of mind, knowing that their systems and data are being cared for in the background 

Stay on trend and up to date

Technology and software evolve so quickly nowadays, it’s easy for a business to get overwhelmed and fall behind the competition. An outsourced IT support team is always on the pulse of the latest IT advancements 

It’s likely your IT support team will keep you updated on the latest technologies and how they can boost your business. If interested, they will be able to implement the technology quickly and even train your employees on how to use it

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