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WHO expert warns ‘vaccine beating variants’ will emerge in the UK sooner or later

by LLB staff reporter
2nd Jun 21 12:12 pm

The World Health Organization (WHO) have said that coronavirus is still raging across the world which is causing “extreme suffering.”

The WHO have warned that the UK has hit a “dangerous moment” in the fight against the virus as the country battles to get the curve down to zero.

Dr David Nabarro, the WHO special envoy on Covid, gave a grim warning that “vaccine beating variants” will emerge sooner or later, meaning the current vaccines will not be effective.

Dr Nabarro told Sky News about the UK’s vaccine rollout, “It is always the most dangerous moment when you are managing an infectious disease as you get that curve coming right down to zero.

“It’s at that point that if you release your precautions too quickly then a spike will come back up.

“And given that we’ve got new variants, particularly variant Delta (the Indian variant) in the UK, we have to be doubly careful.

“So my only suggestion to everybody is please continue to treat this virus with respect. It hasn’t actually become any less dangerous, so maintain the physical distancing and mask-wearing as much as you possibly can.

“There’s nothing to be gained from perceiving that bravado will somehow beat the virus. It doesn’t work like that.”

He was asked is he in favour of delaying England’s 21 June unlocking, Dr Nabarro replied, “I’m perfectly okay if people are going to say to me the government’s going to relax restrictions, but what I want to add is, could we also have a really strong emphasis on partnership between people and government and business because we are going to have to continue to be vigilant and to be able to deal with this virus for some time to come.

“Right now, I don’t think we have any vaccine-beating variants on the horizon, but that will almost certainly happen sooner or later.

“So, let’s be Covid ready to deal with spikes when they come and stop them turning into surges.”

He added: “The virus hasn’t gone away, but while we are enjoying the benefits of vaccine, let’s also make sure our vigilance and defences are superb.”

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