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What should you know before working with a Chinese Trade Associate?

18th Jan 18 11:27 am

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Trading is no longer limited by geographical borders. Globalization has managed to bring together all countries, which means that you might need to learn how to adapt yourself to other markets. When it comes to trade, China can be a country that offers multiple benefits, but it is important that you know how to communicate with a Chinese sourcing agent.

There are many cultural differences, and you should do a little bit of research first in order to make sure that you won’t accidentally insult them or communicate something the wrong way. Here are some things that you should take into consideration before choosing a Chinese trade associate.

Better prices

If you find the right sourcing agent in China you might just get better prices. Usually, most people place big orders just to reduce the costs, but if you find the right supplier in China you won’t have to worry about that.

However, make sure that you inform yourself about the quality of the products. Certain companies might try to offer you products of poor quality. That is why it is more advantageous to buy in smaller quantities so you can test the product first.

Learn how to communicate

Most of the trading problems occur when the communication is not good enough. You need to be really clear and concise about things, otherwise you may have problems with costs, orders, or shipping. Your trade agent can help you with the language and all the business terms that you need so you can avoid miscommunication.

China’s official language is Mandarin so make sure that your sourcing agent knows it. With his or her help you can improve your relationships with many Chinese manufacturers and even meet some new ones. The sourcing agent can also help you improve communication with them and get past all the cultural barriers.

You will save some time

Working with Chinese partners might require most of your attention and time. Nevertheless, if you get a Chinese sourcing agent you won’t really have to worry about that so much. You can use all the time for something better, like improving your business and coming up with new plans.

What is it better to source products and get raw materials in China?

China comes with multiple advantages for business owners. For example, the costs are smaller and less money is needed for manufacturing in China. That is because the living costs are lower there, and so are the wages. The fact that labor is cheaper can represent a good reason for manufacturing your products there.

The same thing goes for raw materials. In China there are plenty of materials available and the costs are also really low, which is a big bonus as well. You should also know that most customers had a positive experience with Chinese manufacturers, and not only that the costs are reduced, but they work fast and they are willing to come with products that match your needs.

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