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Watch: New anti-Brexit party urges ‘self-governance’ for London

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
13th Aug 19 3:47 pm

A new anti-Brexit party called the Londependence party has registered with the Electoral Commission who are urging backers to vote for the separation of London from the rest of the UK.

Geoff Hinkley, the party leader said, “In the wake of the Brexit vote, Londoners need to determine their own destiny. We have paid too much for too long.”


Hinkley said on video that, “Brexit was supposed to be about patriotic pride but you can’t be proud of this shambles.

“England has dragged London into a humiliating mess.

“London voted Brexit down by a 20% margin. England should not be able to impose this course on us without our democratic consent.

“The SNP is making that case for Scotland and we’ll make the same case for London.”

The former software developer is calling for Article 50 to be revoked and said that European Londoner’s “our neighbours and colleagues and friends” have been hung out to dry over the Brexit saga.

He has accused British politicians of offer the UK a choice even though “they had no idea how to deliver it.”

He said, “They triggered Article 50 still without any plan how to deliver it,” said Mr Hinkley.

“And even now, the only reason we’re still beating our heads against this wall is because politicians aren’t brave enough to admit they messed up.”


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