Home Business News Putin warned ‘defeat is a matter of time’ as Russian forces are ‘losing strength’ as the ‘Kremlin no longer has any tricks in store’

Putin warned ‘defeat is a matter of time’ as Russian forces are ‘losing strength’ as the ‘Kremlin no longer has any tricks in store’

9th May 22 3:58 pm

Vladimir Putin has been warned that his Victory Day speech is evidence that he is aware his war in Ukraine is failing.

The former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has said that Putin is in deep trouble as it is now the “beginning of the end of Putin’s era.”

Kasyanov told Sky News, that Putin has been “misled” as he never expected the level of fierce resistance from Ukraine forces as he expected to have taken control of the country within days.

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Kasyanov has previously spoken out against the war in Ukraine and slammed Putin stating that has “stolen” Victory Day from Russians as the parade is purely a remembrance of family members and “created an instrument of propaganda.”

He said that the Russian President did not announce any victory today as Russian forces are “losing strength” in the war.

A former Russian politician, Gennady Gudkov, who is the exiled former member of the liberal opposition has warned that Putin could be deposed.

Gudkov wrote on Twitter, “Putin repeated quotes from the zombie drawer, not daring anything more serious.

“So the Kremlin no longer has any tricks in store. Now Putin’s defeat is a matter of time!”

Spy chiefs within the Kremlin including the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergie Naryshkin are also far from happy with the war in Ukraine and could be plotting out oust Putin.

Former US General Jack Keane said that Putin will do “anything” to stay in power, that is “his motivation” as he knows if he does not then this will be to his “demise.”

General Keane who is the former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army told Fox News, “He’s all about staying in power. That’s his motivation.

“He will do anything to stay in power.

“The alternative, he knows full well, by a successor who doesn’t agree with him, could mean the end of him, his demise.

“He’s fighting to stay in power and he’s determined, I think, to still accomplish his goals even though his focus is in the south [of Ukraine].”

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