Home Business News Vladimir Putin warned he is facing a coup as ‘Russian forces will collapse’ after a ‘major strategic shift in war’

Vladimir Putin warned he is facing a coup as ‘Russian forces will collapse’ after a ‘major strategic shift in war’

by LLB political Reporter
29th Apr 22 11:18 am

A military expert has said that Vladimir Putin is facing a coup after there has been a “major shift in the war.”

Dr Mike Martin who is a visiting fellow at King’s College London has given some interesting analysis on the recent developments on the ground in Ukraine.

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The military expert has said the Russian battle for Donbas has “fizzled” and the Kremlin has squandered their one chance to take the region which would have given Putin a successful outcome to the war in Ukraine.

Dr Martin said Russia are running out of troops as Ukraine forces are conducting coutnerattacks and he predicts the battle will last another two to four weeks.

He said the war in Ukraine has now seen “a major strategic shift” which has prompted the UK to outline an ambitious strategic plan.

Dr Martin said the  UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was wrong to predict the war could last for 10-years, hs added that “Russian forces will collapse before that, and we’ll see a coup.”

The military expert said, “This is a clear statement of intent by the UK, and would only have been made if it was felt that other NATO allies could and would sign up to it.

“It’s very welcome after some wishy washy thinking about strategic aims (although the activities were good).”

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