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Unions threaten total London underground closure as tubes are still packed

by LLB Reporter
24th Mar 20 10:59 am

Furious London Underground unions are threatening total closure as Tubes are still packed despite a three week lockdown.

On Tuesday morning pictures are circulating of large numbers of people crammed like sardines on London’s Tube network.

London is the epicentre for coronavirus and has half of the UKs death toll and more than 2,000 Londoner’s are confirmed with coronavirus.

A medical expert said last week, for every death there are most likely thousands of people in the capital that have coronavirus.

Nurse Danielle Tiplady posted on Twitter, “Being on the Tube is making me feel uneasy. It is too busy (and) there is no space for social distancing.”

BBC’s Tom Edwards said, “Tube union reps absolutely furious this morning due to packed tubes. Talk of suspending working.”

An NHS worker has urgently called for immediate action by the government to remedy the situation across the London Underground network.

The hospital worker, Nicola Smith said on Tuesday morning, “This is my tube this morning.

“I live in zone 4 and work in a zone 1 hospital.

“I love my job, but now I’m risking my health just on the journey in!

“Sadiq Khan put the tube service back to normal so we can all spread out, or Boris Johnson start policing who’s getting on. Help me!”

Another NHS worker said, “As a nurse trying to get to work I am so angry at the selfishness of other people – TFL, Sadiq Khan, Matt Hancock please measure footfall in tubes exits & entrances & if it hasn’t changed a lockdown isn’t working.”

London’s Transport Commissioner, Mike Brown MVO said “The advice from government is clear – people should now only be making journeys that are absolutely essential.

“We and our staff are doing everything we can to ensure that people who need to make essential journeys can continue to do so.

“To make sure we can do that there will be a number of changes to the services we provide, including suspending the Night Tube and Night Overground, suspending the Waterloo & City line and closing some stations to ensure we can staff key locations.”

Nigel Farage said the scenes across the London Underground are “disgraceful” and the situation is getting out of hand.

Farage said, “Disgraceful scenes on the London underground this morning.
“We will only obey a government that we respect.”

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has addressed the nation on Monday evening, he said he was “reluctant to do this” but he is effectively announcing a lockdown for three weeks.

Johnson gave a dramatic and historic address to the nation, meeting friends will now be banned, and only one form of exercise will be allowed per day.

Johnson told the nation, “The coronavirus is the biggest threat this country has faced for decades – and this country is not alone.

Powers not seen in the UK since wartime, the Prime Minister ordered, “From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction , you must stay at home.

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