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UN told Russian troops ‘cut off limbs, slashed their throats’ with ‘women raped and killed in front of their children’ as the world stands on

5th Apr 22 4:17 pm

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has told the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday that he is speaking in “the memory of the deceased.”

President Zelensky told the Security Council the extent of what Russian forces have done to innocent Ukrainian civilians, he said that they  “cut of limbs, slashed their throats.”

He said, “Everything in the memory of the civilians who died, who were shot and killed in the back of their head after being tortured,” he said.

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“Some of them were shot on the streets. Others were thrown into the wells. So they die. They are in suffering. They were killed in their apartments, houses blown up by grenades.

“Civilians were crushed by tanks while sitting in their cars in the middle of the road just for their pleasure.

“They cut off limbs, slashed their throats. Women were raped and killed in front of their children.”

Zelensky added, “Yesterday, I returned from our city of Bucha, recently liberated from Russian troops not far from Kyiv.

“So there is not a single crime that they would not commit. The Russian military searched for and purposefully killed anyone who served our country.

“They killed, shot and killed women outside their houses when they just tried to call someone who is alive, they killed entire families, adults and children. And they tried to burn the bodies.”

Speaking of the Kremlin he told the Security Council that Russia will blame others just to “justify their own actions.”

“I know, and you know perfectly well what the representatives of Russia will say in response to the accusations of these crimes,” Zelensky said.

“They have said that many times.

“The most significant was after the shooting down of the Malaysian plane over Donbas by Russian forces with Russian weapons or during the war in Syria.

“They will blame everyone just to justify their own actions.

“They will say that there are various versions, different versions, that it is impossible to establish which one of those versions is true.

“They will even say that the bodies were of those killed were allegedly thrown away and all the videos are staged.

“But it is 2022. Now we have conclusive evidence.”

President Zelenksky continued to list the series of allegations against Russian forces, he added that are not all verified.

“Russia’s leadership feels like colonisers in ancient times,” he said.

“They need our wealth, our people.

“Russia has already deported hundreds of thousands of our citizens to their country. They abducted more than two thousand children.

“You just simply abducted those children and continue to do so. Russia wants to turn Ukraine into silent slaves.

“The Russian military are looting openly the cities and villages they have captured.

“This is why it’s called looting.

“They are stealing everything, starting with food and with earrings – gold earrings that are pulled out and covered with blood.”

Zelensky warned that the world is “dealing with a state that is turning the veto into the UN Security Council into the right to die.”

“This undermines the whole architecture of global security. It allows them to go unpunished,” he continued

He added to the council that they should “remove Russia as an aggressor and a source of war so it cannot block decisions about its own aggression, its own war.”

He finished his landmark speech by saying, “Then the next option would be to dissolve yourself altogether.”

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