UK weather: Spring to make a brief appearance across southern Britain


Temperatures set to soar into double figures this week

While remnants of Storm Emma will keep much of Britain trapped under a blanket of dampness, the temperatures are however set to soar into double figures this week.

According to weather reports, spring will make a brief appearance for large swathes of southern Britain. However, the temperatures will start to dip again by the weekend.

Forecaster Hannah Findley, of The Weather Channel, added: “The colder flow to the north will mean temperatures recover more slowly, and moderate to heavy snowfall is still expected on the Scottish Hills.

“Moist air being drawn in from the Atlantic, as well as the continuing temperature differences between air masses, may lead to some heavy rainfall, and combined with melting snow could lead to some surface flooding.

“Overnight minimums will remain cold enough for overnight frosts this week wherever skies clear. Low pressure will keep the weather generally unsettled, with plenty of damp, cloudy conditions this week.”

The mercury is still likely to remain slightly below normal for the time of year.