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UK records over 28,000 cases, but we are moving to population of immunity

by LLB political Reporter
6th Jul 21 4:36 pm

The UK has recorded the highest cases of Covid since 29 January with 28,773 confirmed cases with 23 deaths in 24 hours.

Infections are slowly rising and deaths across the UK, which will rise further to an estimated 100,000 a day by mid-August the Health Secretary as warned.

Over 45m people have had their first vaccine and on Monday there was 224,776 people who had their second dose.

A government scientific advisor has said today that England is moving closer “towards the target” of population immunity as a result of there being higher infections.

Professor Robert Dingwall, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation was asked if 19 July is the right time to unlock England from the current restrictions.

Professor Dingwall told Sky News, “I think what we’ve done is underestimate the level of immunity in the population by concentrating solely on the vaccine rollout.

“If you look at the Office for National Statistics data, over 80% of the population have measurable levels of antibodies either from vaccination or from previous infection.

“It may sound like a hard and callous thing to say, but every person who gets infected is taking us towards that target of a level of population immunity where the virus just runs out of people to infect and where we are all of us protected against the most serious infections.”

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