Travel alert: More Ryanair pilots to join strike


Trouble for strike-hit Ryanair does not seem to end. Latest reports suggest that the pilots in Sweden are now voting to strike.

The Swedish Airline Pilots Association has confirmed that staff would walk out on August 10 after the management failed to meet with union representatives for more than eight months.

“Ever since Ryanair announced that it will be recognising unions for pilots all over Europe, the developments have been similar everywhere,” the Swedish union said in a statement.

“No collective agreements have been agreed anywhere in Europe and Ryanair’s hostile relations with its employees once again showed on several occasions, lately through intimidation and threats to Irish pilots after they used their legal right to strike.”

Ryanair said it had written to each of pilot unions in recent days and invited them to discuss their grievances.

Meanwhile, in Belgium, where Ryanair cabin crew have already gone on strike, unions called on pilots there to support their Irish colleagues with a strike on August 10