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Tory MPs recruit a ‘top QC’ to reverse Johnson’s ‘forced resignation’ over a ‘coup’ in the High Court as ‘there are grounds to appeal’

by LLB political Reporter
25th Jul 22 1:22 pm

Tory MPs have recruited a “top QC” to reverse the “coup” against Boris Johnson in a High Court case to keep him as Prime Minister which could be decided “in a couple of days.”

Conservative members are staging a revolution against party chiefs over growing discontent that Johnson was forced out.

Tory members are demanding they get a vote to keep Johnson as the Conservative Party leader and a petition for this has now passed 10,000 which equals to one in 12 voting for the Prime Minister.

Lord Cruddas who is a Tory Party donor and the former director of Vote Leave is leading the campaign for Johnson and he is demanding he “is added to the ballot as an option for the members to vote upon in the forthcoming election.”

David Campbell Bannerman, the founder of the Boris Ballot Group, hopes are high that Tory members will be have the chance to reverse the “coup” by Tory MPs and there is a “big proportion either way.”

Just less than three years ago Johnson won a mandate from 14 million British voters and it was only last week that the Prime Minister told MPs in the Commons, “Hasta la vista, baby” meaning “I’ll be back.”

Speaking to the Express.co.uk Bannerman said the campaign to give members a vote they have recruited a “top QC.

He said, “There are good grounds for a legal challenge I understand. We’ll know more in a couple of days.”

At the Tory Party conference in October Bannerman said they will be looking for more action.

He added, “We haven’t thought ahead to the conference yet. We’re obviously trying to get the process sorted in time to get Boris considered.”

Lord Cruddas told campaigners in a Tweet that a major challenge will coming this week, he said on Sunday.

He wrote on Twitter, “Some big news coming next week for the Boris on the ballot campaign. Stay tuned.”

Lord Cruddas, wrote in The Mail, “The ousting of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister by a minority of MPs is deeply anti-democratic.

“It defies the will of the country and the Conservative Party members who elected him.

“It amounts to a coup. I am ashamed that this can happen in Britain, the birthplace of modern democracy.

“If that’s what politics has become, we’re living in a nation I can barely recognise any longer.”

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