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Top tips for moving into a new home

by John Saunders
28th Feb 22 12:48 pm

Moving house is not always a simple process, it can be quite stressful and soul-destroying actually. The process of moving your whole life from one property to another can be tedious and is not always straightforward. You may be asking yourself, where do I even start? Not to panic, we are here to give you a breakdown and our top tips for moving into a new home.

Packing process

When packing up your old home, it is vital to ensure that you begin packing in advance to ensure that the whole process is not rushed. We would advise packing up one room at a time, beginning with the rooms that you use the least and working your way towards the most used rooms gradually. To keep everything organised it is best to do one room at a time and to avoid working between packing up a few rooms, the reason being that your storage boxes will begin to get jumbled. When you enter your new home, you want to easily be able to locate which box pairs with which room, and that way, the installation process will be so much easier for you. Ensure that you are not taking anything useless or unused belongings to your new home. Moving is the perfect time to declutter, therefore, acquire a bundle of belongings that you no longer need and either donate, sell, or simply dispose of them. Your new home should avoid being a cluttered centre! Finally, it is important to ensure that all valuables, including devices, appliances, and glass wear, anything that is delicate with the possibility of getting broken really, is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and handled with care. To ensure these boxes are handled cautiously, mark on the boxes! Trust us, you will thank yourself later for this.

Dealing with appliances and devices first

When you enter your new home with furniture and storage boxes etc., we would recommend setting up your kitchen area first. The reason being is that this room is vital in your day-to-day routine, you must eat! Appliances can easily be taken out of their boxes and situated on chosen worktops, meaning that they are now out of the way and you can begin using them at any point. For example, your toaster, kettle, and microwave. Next, it is important to tackle devices such as your TVs. You do not want to keep a TV in a storage box for too long, as it has the potential to become damaged. If your TV is being fixed to a wall, ensure that you mount this straight away. For TV wall mounting services click here. However, if your TV will be placed on a unit or sideboard, ensure that piece of furniture is set into place as soon as possible. Computers or gaming devices should also be set up alongside this, but if you are unable to set them up at this point in the moving process, store them to the side or in a separate room to avoid any damage.

Tackle main rooms

The next step when moving into a new home is to begin with the main rooms first. Your main rooms should include the living room and bedroom, the two most used rooms that require furniture placement. Ensure that the largest items are positioned first. So, in the bedroom make sure that your bed is positioned first, and the surrounding furniture is placed around the bed positioning. With the living room, ensure that your furniture is placed around the focal wall, which is most likely to be the feature wall of the room with either a TV or fireplace situated on it. Revolve the placement of your sofa or seating facilities around this wall, and once the seating is set into place, you can then revolve other furniture pieces around it, for example, sideboards, coffee tables, bookcases, etc.

Familiarise yourself with your surroundings

Once you have managed to establish a setting for the majority of your furniture, some stress will finally be out of your way! Take a walk through your home and begin to familiarise yourself with aspects and features of the home if you haven’t already done so. This includes locating smoke detectors, circuit breakers, and your central heating controller. Trust us, knowing the location of these devices and how they work will come in handy!


There is no rush to accessorise your home. Quite often actually, you will begin to pick up ornaments and décor over time, especially if your new property has a completely new look to your last one. Moving into a new home is stressful enough without attempting to perfect every last detail. It is important to bear in mind that it will be a work in progress, not everything will piece together right away, but dedicating the right amount of time and effort towards your interior will get you there eventually.

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