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Top-Notch reasons why Bitcoin is better than traditional currency!

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21st Sep 20 3:35 pm

People all around the world have used conventional currency or fiat currency. They are so confident using it even if it has some major issues like devaluation and more. So if we talk about cryptocurrency, it is not something new, but some people haven’t even heard of this term and don’t even know the difference between stocks versus cryptocurrencies. The most famous cryptocurrency, i.e., Bitcoin, is the trending term in the world of cryptocurrencies. People across the world are so suspicious about using the virtual currencies as they have heard of the controversies and frauds. You can invest in bitcoins using the Login Page

People are curious to know about bitcoin because it is known to be much better than traditional money. Undoubtedly, there are numerous reasons behind this statement, and here in this article, we will get knowledge about them one by one. There are many discussions going on between people, and everyone is putting their views and opinions. Everyone is raising their doubts and thoughts, and it is good that they are discussing something trending.

What is bitcoin?

Just like the traditional currency, bitcoin is money. The main difference between traditional currency and bitcoin is that bitcoins are virtual. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is used as a medium of exchange to buy and sell things. It is a decentralised currency, which means it works without central banks’ involvement or central authority. Bitcoins are virtual, which means it is used as payment but not like traditional currency. It was created by a mysterious entity that may be an individual or a group of Satoshi Nakamoto individuals.

The main idea of Satoshi Nakamoto for creating the bitcoin is to eliminate the middleman, i.e., the banks. Thus, he created the idea of bitcoin that is neither governed nor controlled by any financial institutions or central authority. There are plenty of reasons why it is known to be better than the traditional currency, which is as follows:

It is a decentralised currency

Decentralised currency means no banks are involved, which provided people with the freedom to transfer money. There are no intermediaries in between that can take control over the user’s money. This is the most attractive benefit of bitcoin. The users can transfer their money to anyone in the world, and the transactions made with bitcoin are cheaper, easier, and faster. Bitcoin owners control Bitcoins, and therefore they can do the transactions anytime and anywhere.

Better investment option

No doubt, bitcoin’s market is quite unpredictable, but still, investors know that it is going to be huge in the future. The users don’t need to undergo the conversion process to make the investment or do transactions with bitcoins. People are playing smarter and buy bitcoins when the price is low and selling them when it gets higher. Bitcoins are considered a great tool for investment when compared to cash and gold.

Bitcoin is not restricted to borders

Users can use bitcoin in any part of the world. People prefer to carry bitcoins rather than carrying cash, especially if you are travelling. Also, bitcoin exchanges are there in almost every country where you can easily exchange the bitcoin to local currencies. Also, while making a transaction, you can send or receive bitcoins to and from across the world.

Bitcoin is theft resistance

It is next to impossible to steal the bitcoins until and unless the other person knows your private Key. The bitcoin wallet is a virtual wallet that stores the bitcoin virtually and keeps track of all transactions. It consists of two main keys public key and private Key. Private Key is a combination of letters and numbers that must be kept hidden as it is only known to the owner of the bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallet provides security to bitcoins, but it is the user’s duty not to expose the private Key while making a transaction.

Not only are these, but there many more reasons that depict that bitcoins are better than traditional currencies. A user must gain complete knowledge on bitcoins and its facts before entering into the bitcoin market.

No transaction charges

Unlike traditional currency, there are no charges charged by banks while making the bitcoin transactions. No banks are involved; therefore, no one charges the transaction fee.


The above information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by London Loves Business and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making (or refraining from making) any investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

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