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Today is equal pay day: Here's what it means 

10th Nov 17 9:49 am

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Friday is Equal Pay Day in the UK. It marks the point in the year at which women effectively stop getting paid relative to men, and start working the rest of the year for free.  

Equal Pay Day raises awareness of the gender pay gap that exists in the UK, where the average woman in the UK earns 85.9p for every £1 paid to a man.  This year it lands on 10 November, 51 days until the end of 2017.

Helen Rose, Chief Operating Officer and executive sponsor for gender at TSB, said: “Equal Pay Day shines a light on the challenges that still exist for women in the workplace.

“People should be recognised and rewarded for their talent, not their gender. Whilst removing engrained bias is crucial, long-term change will only come if it’s accompanied by cultural initiatives from across UK plc.

“For example, the gender pay gap would close if businesses foster a workplace environment where men can overcome reluctance to take parental leave when starting a family. That’s a very real cultural challenge that can be addressed immediately.

“Whilst the pace of change in the UK will frustrate many, clear signs of a commitment to act can be seen across nearly all sectors of the economy. 

“Gender balance matters to us at TSB. It’s not about promoting one group of people above another, it’s about creating a more balanced workforce that reflects the communities we serve.  The opportunity to create a balanced and inclusive workforce can be grasped by the whole of UK plc. 

“At TSB, we are determined to be a role model on this journey and lead the charge in bringing about change.”

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