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Tick Tock: End of the Greenwich Mean Time is here

20th Mar 18 10:26 am

Find out when the clocks go forward this month

Set up reminders, stick post-it notes in the room, and make sure your smartphones automatically update the clock as British Summer Time is on its way.

Just like the saying ‘spring forward, fall back’, the clocks will be going forward this weekend and we’ll lose an hour between Saturday (March 24) and Sunday (March 25).

The clocks will go forward on Sunday, March 25 at 1:00am.

As UK will switch to British Summer Time (BST), days will grow longer until the clocks change back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in October.

Germany first introduced the concept in 1916 and Britain adopted it later that year. The moving of the clocks was first introduced in the UK during World War I by British businessman William Willett.

Later in 1895 George Vernon Hudson, an entomologist in New Zealand, introduced the idea to the Wellington Philosophical Society about the daylight saving scheme, and it was then successfully trialed in 1927.


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