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The Top 5 London businesses worth investing in for 2017

6th Jan 17 11:44 am

Will you take the plunge and invest?

The London capital has grown to be one of the most influential towns in terms of the many successful startups launched there. Of the many upstarts minting insane amounts of money, and possibly eyeing an IPO to be featured on CMC Markets, the Fintech companies seem to be the most outstanding of them all.

Fintech companies refer to those firms that leverage on modern day technology to provide the best financial services to consumers. London has seen many of these startups launch in 2016, but only few of them made it to this year. Thus, as an investor, here are the best Fintech businesses in London to put your money on for 2017.


Digital banking is now a fully accepted concept and more countries are buying into the idea by providing government incentives and legal support to Fintech startups. WorldRemit is one of these lucky fintech companies to ride on this wave. Though they aren’t a startup anymore, given they launched in 2009, they have successfully managed to take their business global.

They offer services just like Skrill but they do so in a much cheaper way. If you have seen the phenomenon that has become PayPal or Payoneer, then you are in for a surprise once WorldRemit establishes globally fully. Digital banking is now the future of ecommerce and putting your money in a company like WorldRemit is well worth your investment.


MarketInvoice is a larger financial lender to businesses in need of funds with pending invoices to clear. Invoice clearance is one of the major hurdles that put a business on its knees, especially with some invoices taking even 4 months to clear. Nonetheless, MarketInvoice is providing a convenient solution by allowing businesses to sign up and sell their current invoices online. It only takes a day for the invoice to be sold and the money released to the respective business.

This concept has been a phenomenon in the ecommerce world, earning MarketInvoice an impressive investor funded kitty of up to £500m. As more ventures come up this year, it means there will be plenty of invoices to be processed, thus more business for MarketInvoice. As a wise investor, this Fintech Company should be on your list of possible investments.


Since they officially launched in 2016, Atom is winning in every possible way, from branding to online marketing. Atom is a digital banking solution that targets the young tech or internet savvy individuals looking for alternative ways of banking without the need to make those long queues at local banks.

Atom are quite strategic in their approach tapping into a world where technology makes everything instantly reachable. Of course, the millennials would want a faster way to bank and Atom is already providing this through their current services that include lending, financial planning, savings, and business bank leads. Atom currently has over 50 full time employees who all enjoy the same products it has to offer.


Crowdcube has been around for quite a while now providing equity crowdfunding solutions to companies considering an IPO. Crowdcube allows firms to raise capital through online selling of shares to potential investors. The Fintech Company also provides a platform for UK registered businesses, that aren’t listed in the London Stock Exchange to sell their shares as well to people willing to buy.

Since they launched, Crowdcube has seen over 400 businesses successfully raise money online, £160m to be precise. The Fintech Company also boasts handling finances from over 280,000 investors so you are assured your money will be put into good use this 2017.


SETL found their own unique way of invading the Fintech market by providing what is called blockchain infrastructure to financial institutions. Their recent solution, OpeCSD, allows market participants to carry out registry services online involving payments, cash clearance or cash settlements. SETL just launched in 2015, meaning there is plenty of room to place your investments before they consider an IPO.

For the investor looking to grow their portfolio this 2017, the Fintech arena is one you should consider. There are plenty of startups coming up every day with brilliant ideas to transform the online financial solutions scene. London is a hotbed for Fintech businesses right now, and you can discover more about it by attending some of the Fintech events lined up in the coming months.

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