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The real power of branded merchandise

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Oct 23 10:47 am

All businesses need to get their name out there in order for people to actually care. You can put in lots of work and have amazing products or services, but if nobody knows you exist, then all of that work will have gone to waste. It’s very easy to consider the kinds of marketing techniques you’ll use, but putting them into practice is an entirely different kettle of fish. If you want to see your business thrive, you need to put in the work and raise your brand as much as possible. When people build somewhat of a loyalty to you, it is because they fall in love with the Brand and everything it represents. One of the best ways you can make the brand more visible is through merchandise.

In this post, we are going to be talking about the benefits of branded merchandise and what it can really do for any budding entrepreneur. So, let’s get started:

Overall brand identity

This goes without saying because it’s the main crux of what we are talking about, but your brand identity needs to be constantly strengthened. When customers see your brand in a particular area, it will stick in their minds for a while. When they use items such as t-shirts and caps with your logo on, they basically become walking posters or billboards. This then increases brand visibility even further. Without even realizing it, they are promoting your business and subconsciously encouraging people to get involved with what you are doing. Once they have paid for your product, they are giving you free marketing and advertising.

Customer loyalty and trust

When you offer up high-quality merchandise, it can get people on your side even quicker. You can do this through a reward scheme or as a giveaway as these can both cultivate customer loyalty quickly. It’s a great way of showing appreciation to everybody who has invested in your work. A stronger bond can be created between yourself and your customers. Having a loyal relationship with your customers is so vital and something as basic as merchandise can play such a huge part in this happening. It’s amazing how quickly your brand can go from basic to professional with the right kind of merchandising.

Increasing brand awareness

If you can keep people aware of your brand at any time, you will be doing a good job. Branded merchandise is a constant reminder that your business is around and here to stay. You can use something as small as promotional mugs on a desktop or even a tote bag – if people see your recognizable brand, it will stick with them. Even if they forget exactly what you are and what you supply, the image will be burned into their mind and they will be aware of it all.

Advertising techniques that are cost-effective

Of course, advertising can cost an awful lot of money – especially high-profile work. Merchandising is a great way of advertising your things without spending over the odds. Compared to traditional advertising channels, investing in this particular avenue can allow you to be extremely cost-effective in the long term. There will be fewer recurring costs and you will get prolonged exposure along the way.

Employee engagement

It’s not just about customers and clients – or anyone else you’re trying to impress. You also have to think about your employees and how they will feel each day. When you are creating amazing merchandise, you are improving the look and feel of the entire brand. Whatever position your employees are in, they may feel more of a sense of belonging if you create fantastic gear and items. They will feel more confident in the business and be proud of representing everything.

Events and trade shows

Whether you are hosting an event or you are a guest at one, it’s always good to bring merchandise along so that people can have something to remember. You probably see items at big events all of the time, but you may not consider why that is the case. Branded merchandise tends to shine at trade shows and events as it is a great way to attract visitors to your booth. Different pieces can be conversation starters and you can really leave a lasting impression.

The versatility it can offer

Whenever you think about merchandise, you might initially think about the likes of t-shirts and caps. You might expand your thinking to other kinds of clothing. The truth is that merchandise can come in all kinds of different forms. There will be kinds of merchandise that you haven’t even thought about before. Things like pens, notebooks, gadgets, and so many other items can be pieces of merchandise if you want them to be.

Creating buzz, chapter, and fear of missing out

Merchandise has an amazing power to create a buzz and to create excitement around a particular event. You could even use limited-edition merchandise or exclusive releases in order to create a real sense of urgency and scarcity. Creating excitement among your audience is very important if you want people to care about what you do. You can very easily spark word-of-mouth marketing or fear of missing out.

A tangible and measurable Return On Investment (ROI)

While merchandising is a way of getting people to notice you, you will be making a profit and bringing in plenty of money in doing so. Because of this, you are able to track the impact of your merchandising and analyze things going forward. You can monitor sales and website traffic while looking at social media engagement in order to see the ROI.

Eco-friendly options

In this day and age, it’s wise to go green and to be more eco-friendly with your efforts. This is a great opportunity to use eco-friendly merchandise items. You can gather a popular reputation and be viewed as a positive Business by using reusable and recycled materials. If you can show people that you have the right values, people will hop on board.

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