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The government has listened to the experts in scrapping its flawed Covid passports scheme

by David Jinks MILT
14th Sep 21 9:56 am

London Medical Laboratory has welcomed the news the Government has shelved its flawed plans for a mandatory Covid passport scheme for entry to clubs and large events.

Last Friday Dr Quinton Fivelman PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at London Medical Laboratory, warned the planned new compulsory Covid passport for England would not be worth the paper – or QR code – it was written on. He claimed it would simply fuel a false sense of security.

Dr Fivelman now welcomes Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s announcement the scheme won’t be going ahead. ‘We warned consistently that getting a Covid “pass” because you’ve had two jabs is like receiving a driving licence simply because you’ve turned up for the test. The only effective basis for a passport scheme, if the idea is ever considered again in the future, is to use Quantitative Covid antibody level results, rather than a simple record of whether someone had had been jabbed.

‘If a passport scheme is considered again this winter, the separate schemes for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland must be replaced by a single UK-wide Covid-19 antibody result App. Should Westminster ever revisit the idea, we would encourage the Scottish Government –  which, so far, is continuing its plans for passports – to join a UK-wide scheme based on antibody levels, rather than continuing to go it alone.

‘As we said last week, the basic problem is that passports based on jab records won’t really help control the spread of Covid. Our research reveals that 1 in 100 fully vaccinated people fail to develop any antibodies at all after vaccination. That means that, even if every UK adult is vaccinated, half a million adults will have no protection whatsoever, and not even realise.

‘Of equal concern is the fact that our most recent tests are finding a growing number of people who have been jabbed now have lower values (50 to 500AU/ml) of antibodies and the clinical significance of this is still being researched. The “cut-off value” is still not known and how long protection will last is still being fully understood. If someone takes a test and their score is low, their antibody levels may have significantly declined over time, and they may be more susceptible to the virus as time passes.

‘That’s why an antibody-based passport, rather than a simple ‘double jab’ record, would be the best solution to help the UK return to normality.

‘If anyone is concerned about their own immune response to the jabs and how well they continue to produce antibodies, the new generation blood tests we offer are highly accurate, quick and simple to carry out, either in their own home or at a clinic. These tests are available privately for those who don’t qualify for the Government’s new limited testing programme which requires you to test PCR positive before requesting a free antibody testing kit.

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