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The ‘game is up’ as Tory MPs publicly call for Truss to quit with over 100 ready to submit letters of no confidence

by LLB political Reporter
17th Oct 22 9:31 am

Liz Truss is under pressure and on the ropes as she has been accused of being “in office but not in power” and three Tory MPs have publicly called on her to quit after just six weeks being in the job.

Following the economic turmoil of recent weeks Tory MPs Crispin Blunt, Andrew Bridgen and Jamie Wallis have all told her to quit and the Labour leader has accused Truss of of being “in office but not in power.”

According to the Daily Mail more than 100 Tory MPs are ready to submit letters of no confidence and many will try to oust Truss this week.

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Blunt told Sky News that the “game is up,” adding, “The principal emotions of people watching her, doing her best to present, is some combination of pity, contempt or anger.

“I’m afraid it just won’t wash and we need to make a change.”

Wallis tweeted, “In recent weeks, I have watched as the government has undermined Britain’s economic credibility and fractured our party irreparably. Enough is enough.

“I have written to the prime minister to ask her to stand down as she no longer holds the confidence of this country.”

Bridgen said, “our country, its people and our party deserve better.”

Sir Keir Starmer blasted the Prime Minister and said her news conference, “completely failed to answer any of the questions the public has”.

He said, “Mortgages are rising and the cost of living crisis is being felt ever more acutely. The Conservative government is currently the biggest threat to the security and the finances of families across the country.

“That’s why the prime minister must come to parliament on Monday, to explain what she plans to do to turn the situation around.

“If the prime minister won’t take questions from journalists, Liz Truss must at least take them from MPs representing the families whose livelihoods she’s putting at risk.”

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